The Best Apartment Complex in the South Charlotte Area

We would pass by the facade of these really nice looking apartments several times per week. They were the new South Charlotte apartments called CityPark View. A unique name, but an equally unique apartment complex. They are off of West Tyvola Road on City Park Drive. You can’t miss them as they are a really pretty place. The Charlotte Regional Farmer’s Market is behind them, and the Renaissance Park is just to the east.

They are pet-friendly, and they have a resort style swimming pool. It is nice when an apartment complex actually puts a lot of thought into amenities such as the swimming pool. It is much better than such things being an afterthought. The fitness center and clubhouse are also very nice. Fine resident amenities speak to the actual apartments being great as well. Continue reading

An Apartment That Fits Both of Our Needs

My wife and I are about as opposite as two people can be. She’s more liberal while I am on the conservative side. She is on the quiet side while I can be quite loud. She is content reading a book with our cat curled up on her lap while I would rather take our dog out on the lake and have some fun. Somehow, even with all of our differences, we fell in love, much to the amazement and amusement of our friends and family. Before we said our ‘I do’s’ we looked at Temple Terrace apartments because that is where we wanted to settle.

It actually took us a while to find a place that had things that we both like. This is in a remote enough setting to where we don’t hear all the traffic and other city noises. It is also close enough to where I can walk to the park with our dog or to the lake with my canoe. Continue reading

Living in an Apartment is Much Better

I had to make a decision. I had always lived in a house, but I was having a hard time finding one that was within my budget. I could not find any smaller houses that were less than a thousand bucks a month, and I was getting desperate. I decided to use an apartment finder for San Antonio area, because I figured living in an apartment was better than not having a place to live at all. I looked at the ones that are close to the office building where I work.

I wanted to look at something that is close by, and I also wanted it to be close to other things in the area too like my favorite restaurants, shops and even the movie theater that I go to at least two or three times a month. When I plotted all of these points on a map, I saw where Woodbridge Apartments was the complex that located pretty much in the middle of everything. Continue reading

Living the Double Luxury Life

I used to watch shows about luxury living areas with a friend when I was younger. We would dream about how great it would be to live in those cool places. Now that we’re much older, living in one of those places is reality rather than a dream. The luxury apartments in North Dallas TX were just like what we saw in our youth. The only thing standing between us and the apartments was the cost. Getting a single apartment in either of our cases, so we put our money together and went with a double instead.

My friend and I thought we would be perfect roommates to each other, but that was because we had never lived together before and didn’t realize how many bad habits we had. My friend likes to leave her television on so she can fall asleep. Even though we are sleeping in separate rooms, I can still hear her television all the way from my room. I had to ask her to wear headphones while she was watching the television in bed so that the sound wouldn’t travel. Continue reading

I Got My Parents a Better Place to Live and They Turned Around and Forced Me to Do the Same

My parents were poor and wanted me to have a good job. They worked their fingers to the bone for me to be able to go to college. I graduated and started to climb up the corporate ladder. When I was stable in a career, I pretty much forced them out of their trailer home where I spent my teenage years into a nice apartment home in the Atlanta area. I leased it for a year, so they had to say yes. Then they turned around and pushed me to look at luxury apartments for Atlanta GA for myself. I told them that I was happy in my apartment, but that was just a self-delusion and they knew it.

I was very happy to be providing them with a place to live that I could afford to lease. They told me that if I stayed in my apartment that they would move out of where they were at and back into a rented trailer somewhere. Continue reading

Working with a Professional Agent to Find an Apartment

I really enjoy living on my own. I like my space, and I like to make my own decisions about what I do and when I do it. When I decided to move, I knew that I would be moving to an apartment on my own. Having a roommate isn’t appealing to me, because that requires compromise, which I’ve never really been good at. I’m not afraid to ask for help when they need it, so I reached out to my real estate agent when I knew that I was moving. She helped me search for Westside apartments in Atlanta, and I knew that she would steer me in the right direction.

I think that working with a real estate professional is a great idea, especially for not familiar with an area. My agent has lived in the area for more than 20 years, and she knows all the best places to look. All I had to do was tell her that I wanted a modern, spacious, luxurious apartment in a specific area, and she went to work. Continue reading

The Landlord Took Too Long Getting Our Shop Roof Fixed

I kept telling my landlord that the roof on our shop needed fixed. When it rained really hard we had to put out a couple of buckets to catch the water. He sent people to patch it over and over again. It would be dry for a little while, then the rain would come in again. The rest of the building was in pretty good shape. He was not in a hurry because we welded in the shop, and he thought a little water wouldn’t hurt. However, he did have me call for flat roof repair in Brooklyn NY when a loud crash had one of the rooftop AC units come busting through the roof.

The roof is made of metal beams that are like trusses that are set in the block sidewalls. Continue reading

Looking for a New Apartment Away from Home

I decided to move out of my parents’ home and get my apartment. After living at home for 18 years, I had become very comfortable with that way of living. It was time for me to gain a sense of independence and be on my own. I decided to begin looking for an apartment somewhere in Georgia. I was hoping to find a place close to school, for that I would have to commute very far. It would be even better if it were close to work as well. One day, I drove by the McDonough Georgia Apartments on my way to school. From the outside, they looked absolutely stunning. I decided to stop by and take a closer look.

I went to the leasing office and told them about some of the things that I was looking for in an apartment. First, it was most important to me that the apartment feel like home. Continue reading

It’s Important to Stay Comfortable During Each Season

If anyone ever tries to tell you that you can live without HVAC in New York City you should not believe them! Coming from the hot desert, I assumed that I could get away without heating in the winter or cool air in the summer. This is because a lot of people told me that I should be able to handle the temperatures just fine without an extra aids. They were wrong! When you move to a new climate, you then acclimate to the new temperatures that you are spending a lot of time in. What you were able to do in another climate in the past, is a different story and has nothing to do with what you’ll feel like in the future.

I grew up in 110 degree temps as a norm. And some cities in my state reached 120 degrees as a norm. Continue reading

A Temporary Home Away from Home

When I was younger I always wanted to live in New Orleans. I loved the stories I heard about the city and the shows that took place in the city of soul that I grew up watching. It inspired me a great deal and yet despite that dream of wanting to make it in the Big Easy I have instead found myself looking for apartments for Houston TX, one of the most unlikely cities and states I would have made home. I’m beginning to suspect that Texas and I are not going to get along but hopefully there’s some sort of lesson to learn or opportunity to be made while I’m here.

It’s not by choice, actually. My Uncle is in poor health. Thirty some odd years smoking will do that to you. Continue reading

Your Missing out if You Haven’t Tried a Party Bus

My daughter’s sweet sixteen was last month and I wanted her and her closest friends to show up at her party hall in style. I was searching for a limo, but everyone does limos. I decided to keep looking around and finally found and decided to give them a try. I had never seen a party bus, but figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a try.

It was a great experience, despite my daughter’s initial complaints that she wanted a limo. I told her no, that everyone does limos so we wanted to find her something new and original. Continue reading